Who are we?

MODINT is the best known trade association of manufacturers, importers, agents and wholesalers of clothing, fashion accessories, carpet and (interior) textiles.

MODINT has approximately 600 business members. These businesses are involved in the production and/or trading of clothes, fashion accessories, carpets and (interior) textiles. The businesses have a combined annual turnover of €9 billion in the Netherlands, of which 50% is exported. The task of MODINT is to work with its members to ensure a valuable future.

MODINT operates and links its members through creating an attractive future with its innovative and high-profile promotional and lobbying activities and services.
Vision of the members
MODINT creates the vision within the sectors and interprets it for its members.
MODINT responds to the demands of its members by providing custom services on both a collective and individual basis. MODINT formulates its custom services based on a range of areas of expertise and implements them systematically thereby providing improved returns for both members and MODINT alike.
Vision of the environment
Cooperation and the combination of creative talents within the environment is made possible by clarifying our common interests and remaining in perpetual contact.
MODINT is a high profile and approachable authority operating in the sectors.
MODINT states clear viewpoints and communicates them lucidly.
MODINT’s core values:

  • MODINT is recognised for its unrivalled sector expertise.
  • MODINT is the main authority for the sectors in which it operates.
  • MODINT is very service-oriented, and with its pro-active account management it retains very close contact with you. Naturally, communications are easy because we speak the same language.
  • MODINT employs advanced operating systems and considers innovation to be very important.
  • More than half of the sector turnover is exported. It goes without saying that MODINT can claim to be an international organisation.